Content Marketing As a Marketing Strategy for Profitable Customer Action

Content marketing is not a new marketing technique. It has been a technique communications professionals have found quite effective when used in the context of inbound marketing, social media, digital communications, and public relations best practices-all marketing disciplines being used by industries for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience. The objective is to drive profitable customer action. The defining purpose about content marketing is the consistent creation and curation of relevant and valuable content tailored to promote a brand with the intention of influencing customer behavior. It is a sustained and ongoing process that is a marketing strategy which involves communicating with customers and prospects without selling. What content marketing is not about is pitching your products and services It is about delivering information that educates, and getting people to learn about your products or services. What is so good and strategic about content marketing is that it makes a person to stop read, think, visualize and behave differently.

Social Media Demand Generation

Today’s generation is a social media demand generation of print and visual content, and everything in between. Many great leading thinkers in marketing are affirmatively suggesting that content marketing is just not the future, it’s the present. Content marketing has today become an integral part of the marketing planning process. Companies are today consciously internalizing their production-level marketing personnel, adding titles like production manager and managing editor to their organizational charts. Even more, visuals and video innovative presentations will play a more important role in content creation and curation delivered through vehicles such as Pinterest and Instagram, to SlideShare and YouTube.

Story in Content Marketing Messaging

But the real issue about content marketing is how well you can create a marketing message that gets the attention of your target audience. A marketing message that effectively tells audiences a personal story has been found to be a good way to go about structuring a message that educates prospects. What a good marketing story does, it effectively explains in a compelling way what makes your brand, company, product or service unique in a convincing way to share information. When you personalize consumer experience of your product or service in a story packaged in a marketing messaging is a proven effective tool that is used to make sense of the world around consumers of goods and services. What a marketing story does when told in a compelling way, it essentially resonates with and is remembered by audiences. A story that draws the audience to engage deeply in the brand of your business has to be emotional, that way viewers can connect with the characters in the content itself. It has to be unique and be told from your company’s distinctive vantage point. More so, it has to be simple with an easy to follow flow and timeline, and should bring that personal touch to your business concept. And of course, the marketing message itself has to be to a great extent straightforward and shareable via mediums that are designed for sharing in order to reach a very broad audience.

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