Growing Trends in The Beer, Keg, and Kegerator Industry

If you are taking notice you will see that the beer industry is growing in a lot of areas, and I believe we will continue to see great growth in a lot of other areas surrounding beer. If you follow the news you will see that beer giant Sierra Nevada is expanding their brewing to North Carolina because the industry is demanding more beer. Continue reading to learn more about other areas of growth in the beer industry.

Not only are people wanting more beer but they are wanting more beer accessories. There is a growing trend in the beer industry for more and more kegs. As the micro brewery movement continues to grow the demand for kegs is also on the rise. There a many different sizes of kegs in production ranging from the standard keg that holds 15.5 gallons to the mini keg that holds 5 Litres.

One of the main benefits to having a keg is to have draft beer. To the trained tongue, draft beer has a different taste and more complex head as it is poured. The only way you can get a draft beer taste at home is buy purchasing a keg. Keg’s are also great because they hold a great volume of beer. If you are having a party they are a great way to keep everyone entertained. It is also a lot easier to clean one empty keg rather than hundred of bottles and cans.

Another great benefit is that the beer that goes into the keg has been filtered and also pasteurized so that the lifespan of the beer is longer. You do have to drink it in a good amount of time. If you don’t the beer will eventually go stale.

As keg’s are becoming more popular because micro brewery, so are ways to refrigerate kegs. A beer refrigerator, commonly called a kegerator is a method in which you can keep a keg chilled for months at a time without losing the quality and taste of the beer. A kegerator can be easily purchased or can be modified from an old refrigerator.

Owning a kegerator is a great option for those who love draft beer, do a lot of entertaining, have a man cave, and love kegs. If you say yes to all of those criteria then you may need to think about purchasing a kegerator.

If you are an avid beer drinker and keg drinker then owning a kegerator can be more economical than buying 6 packs or 12 packs. Overtime the cost will outweigh itself and you will end up saving!

What if you don’t want all that beer? What if you don’t have room for a kegerator or a keg in your home or outside? Well you are in luck because another industry that is booming is the mini kegerator business. Yes you read that correctly. A mini kegerator is a small kegerator for a keg.

Mini kegs come in 5 litre sizes and there are a variety of mini kegs on the market that will satisfy your taste for draft beer with minimal cost and they take up a less space. Newcastle and Heineken are some of the bigger brands right now making mini kegs, but there are a lot of other brands coming out with smaller kegs as well.

I hoped you found this article informative. I firmly believe that as the beer industry continues to grow I believe we will see other beer and keg accessories present themselves. Now could be the time to jump on the wagon!

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