Let Every Day In June Be Father’s Day

The official national Father’s Day is just one Sunday in June. Why not expand the celebration for the whole month and let your father know just how much he is appreciated. He does so many things for you all year long. Why limit your appreciation for his sacrifice and dedication to just one day?

He is the one who is always standing by the hot grill making tasty hamburgers and hot dogs for your family and friends. When does the chef get a day or night out for himself? A super idea would be to treat him to dinner or lunch at a fine dining restaurant. He would be surrounded by peace and luxury. They would even have crisp white table linens rather than the red and white check plastic tablecloths at the local seafood restaurant.

Be sure to pick a place where he will be totally comfortable. If you are taking him right after he gets off work his suit and tie would fit right in. But if he’s wearing his khaki’s and polo shirt, that will fit in as well. He will not have to dress to the nines to enjoy a fabulous meal.

At home the meals are usually meat loaf, baked chicken breasts and easy casseroles. Think how much he would appreciate a gourmet meal. He could begin with soup – maybe roasted shallot au gratin. Sounds delicious! For his hardy appetite he had a salad of romaine lettuce, scallions and shaved Grana Padano cheese. Nobody makes this at home!

For his enter & execute  he selects wild caught prawns with spiced caramelized rum glaze and topped with mango relish and fried plantains accompanied with cilantro rice. Because he is really hungry, he also has a side of balsamic grilled fresh vegetables. He has left room for dessert and has selected prickly pear-raspberry cobbler with smoked whipped cream.

When he gets home from eating this fine meal he will be truly mellow and just melt into his favorite chair.

You do not have to make it an evening dinner, you know. He would be just a happy if you took him out for an upscale dining lunch where he can order his favorite prime steak. Once seated and everyone has ordered their beverage of choice, he orders an appetizer that the whole family can enjoy – maybe two. He orders stuffed artichoke hearts that are served with champagne vinegar mustard dipping sauce and also a hummus platter that is served with homemade pita and sourdough crostini.

For his entree he orders the Venison Black Strap en Brochette which is two grilled marinated venison black strap roulades stuffed with roasted jalapenos garlic goat cheese wrapped with apple wood smoked bacon.

He will enjoy himself so much he will not be able to wait and tell his friends and co-workers what a fine meal he had. His family has made him feel like a king!

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