What’s the Difference Between Garage Liability and Garagekeepers Insurance?

Many people are confused about terminology utilized for insurance, and when you see all of the crazy jargon thrown around, you certainly cannot place any blame for confusion! For example, what’s the difference between garage liability insurance, and garagekeepers insurance? Is there a difference, or are they actually the same exact thing?

The truth is that most people, even business owners who are greatly impacted by these types of policies, don’t know. Here, we’ll offer you a breakdown on what they are, what they do, and who may need them.

To answer the question, garage liability and garagekeeper insurance are not the same thing. While closely related, they provide different types of protection. Depending on your business, you may have a need for either, or both of them in tandem.

A garage liability insurance policy offers protection when a vehicle stored or serviced on your property and is damaged by theft, vanadlism, fire or weather and storm events. It provides protection against collisions, and bodily injury and property damage.

It does not cover the customer’s vehicle though! You’ll need a garagekeepers insurance policy to actually guard against damage to the customer’s vehicle itself.

So who needs these types of policies?

The short answer is nearly any business which in some way deals with vehicles owned by others. This means that if you’re selling automobiles, offering repair and service on them, parking them and storing them, or offering a valet, you have a gas station and car wash, you’re a tow truck company, and on down the line, you’ll want to guard yourself and your business with garage liability and garagekeeper insurance.

Also keep in mind that there are other potential options or additions as well. For instance, towing companies should have on-hook towing insurance.

Of course, remember that either garage liability, garagekeepers insurance, or both, applies to nearly any business who sells cars, services them, stores them on-site, or parks or otherwise moves them. Yet, some of these businesses may have specific legal requirements for carrying this type of coverage.

That means that in certain cases it might provide you with protection and your customers with peace of mind, and in other cases, if you want to legally operate your business within your local area, you need to have a specific amount of coverage in place.

Therefore, it’s always best to check to see what your state’s requirements are, or to consult with an experienced professional who can help guide you through the process and ensure that you’re in compliance.

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