Comparison Time – Duffel Bags Versus Clutch Bags

Before buying a luxury handbag, it is important to know all the kinds of bags, and what they are best used for. If you buy a particular bag then discover that it needs meticulous care and you are not the type of person who is good at that sort of thing, you made the wrong decision to buy. To eliminate such errors, here is almost everything about duffel bags and clutches that you may need to know when you want buy a designer handbag.


A clutch is a small rectangular bag, with a zipper or a button-closing mechanism on top. A duffel is a cylindrical bag, typically with a drawstring closing mechanism on top, but it has evolved to having a zipper closing mechanism too.


A clutch bag is quite small. The smallest clutch can hold no more than a cell phone. There are slightly larger versions of clutch bags, but they too can hardly hold anything more than the house-keys, a mobile phone and some cash. It is not a utility bag. A duffel bag is the most spacious out of all designer handbags. It can hold all your travelling needs – clothes, books or sports equipment.


A clutch is primarily used for its appearance. It is a party accessory. It goes well with gowns and dresses. A duffel is the exact opposite of a clutch. It is used for its utility. It is used for the gym, work, travel, and hiking or to carry sports equipment. The shell of both bags can be made of a variety of materials. The duffel shell is more durable than the clutch. In fact, if you are looking at the budget aspect, you could go for a duffel bag. Clutch designer bags, after all, are more for the style and fashion statement.


A clutch bag has to be used delicately. It is not meant for everyday use. It should be stored wrapped in its original packing, and if that is not available, bubble wrap is just fine. A duffel bag is not delicate; it is made of tough material used for rough handling. To clean a duffel bag, a damp cloth can be used. It can occasionally be washed, but always according to the washing instructions on the bag or those furnished by the seller.


Though clutches are one-tenth the size of duffel bags, they are just the opposite on the price scale. Due to the materials used, as a general rule, clutches tend to be more expensive than duffel bags.

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